Submission With or Without Pain

If you area newcomer to the BDSM lifestyle, you may automatically equate submission with pain. We do not fault you for doing this, as the media is quick to lead you to believe that submission and pain go hand in hand together. However, while it is true that many subs do indeed in enjoy pain inflicted on them by their Doms, some subs prefer not to withstand most forms of physical pain. What’s important to remember when it comes to submission and pain is that all subs are different and there is not one right way for all subs to enjoy pain. Pain can take many forms and what may be painful to you is not necessarily painful to other people. Even if it is painful to them, they crave and welcome that pain. You can most definitely be a sub and not be a fan of pain, or you can be a sub and enjoy pain. How pain is inflicted upon you depends on you and the arrangement that you have with your Domme.

When You Enjoy Pain

“There is nothing wrong with enjoying pain”

Newcomers who enjoy pain are typically excited to enter the BDSM lifestyle. When they look at BDSM websites and videos, they find themselves craving to be that person receiving a Dom’s punishments. Websites such as have hundreds of members who enjoy pain and even more who have no qualms with inflicting it upon others. You should stay clear of the scams, check our BDSMPassions rating at, we test the site against all other known BDSM sites, so that you don’t have to compare it yourself. However, before you begin your search for the right Domme to administer the pain of your choosing, you want to make sure that you are find a legit Domme who knows what she is doing.

It would take forever to go over all of the pain you can receive from an experienced Domme. Some of it deals with things like spanking and uses certain equipment such as paddles, whips, and canes. Other times pain can be kink specific such as fire and wax play, needle play, and water and breath play.

When you begin to search for the right Dom, make sure you look at BDSM websites that have a high rating. You do not want to risk getting involved with scam websites or websites that have people who have no idea what BDSM really is or exactly to go about inflicting plain on other people. You also want to make sure that you have at least a general idea of what type of pain interests you. For example, if you do not have an interest in needle play, you will want to let your Domme know that well in advance. Chances are that she will ask you, but if you come to her with everything you are uncomfortable with, it helps reduce the time it takes for the two of you to figure out the things that you may enjoy.

If you are open or are unsure of what type of pain you might like, let your Domme know that you are willing to experiment with different types of pain. If you decide to go this route, it is extremely important that you speak up whenever the pain is too much for you or when you are uncomfortable with something. Even if she is a good Domme, she may not realize it when you are uncomfortable if you do an exceptionally good job at hiding it. Do not genuinely torture yourself. If you are in pain that you do not want to be in, speak up.

When You Do Not Enjoy Pain

“If it is getting uncomfortable – speak up”

Sure, it may be a little bit tricky when you want to be a sub, but you are not a big fan of pain, but it still possible. Websites like have Dommes who know how to torture you with pleasure rather than pain. A good Domme should be able to still punish you even without having to make your punishments particularly painful.

While it may be a bit more difficult for subs that do not care for pain to find a Domme, it is not impossible. The right Domme will still be able to fulfill your needs without forcing you to deal with pain that you do not want.

Some examples of pleasure that can transform itself into pain are things like multiple orgasms, forced orgasms, overstimulation, edging, deep tissue massages, and many others. While each of those mentioned are not particularly painful on its own, when you have to withstand it for a certain amount of time it can be both pleasurable and painful. Your Domme can also do things like refusing to allow you to touch her and pleasuring herself in front of you, which may not cause you any physical pain, but the inability to touch her can be psychologically painful for you.

When You Are a Dom and Your sub Doesn’t Like Pain

“If your sub doesn’t like pain – she is a fake”

When you look at BDSM websites, you may find that not too many of them mention how Doms are to handle subs that do not like pain. If you are a new Dom who can take or leave pain, you may become a hot commodity in the BDSM world. It seems that there are more Doms who prefer to give out pain rather than those who prefer not to. Some subs may find that they force themselves withstand pain because they do not want to forgo the joys of BDSM.

Obviously, settling for pain when you do not want it is not the greatest idea for a sub. It can be both mentally and physically damaging, so if you are a new Dom who is confident in your ability to Dom without inflicting physical pain on your sub, you may find that you are receiving many messages on your BDSM account if you set your profile up properly.

What you need to do is make sure that your profile states that you welcome subs that like or dislike pain. This will already make your profile standout amongst the others because many people in the BDSM lifestyle do not often consider that some subs do not care for pain. When you start receiving messages, it would be helpful to you if you already have a list of ways you can train, punish, and reward subs without inflicting pain onto them. Most subs will want to know exactly what and how you can Dom them without inflicting pain on them. Be honest with them or you risk having them think you are full of yourself and do not really know what you are talking about.

When Your sub Wants to Experiment with Pain

“No one’s stopping you – experiment all you want”

When you previously non-pain liking sub expresses an interest in pain, it is important that you make sure to always start out slow. You will need to watch her carefully to make sure she is doing well with whatever you may be doing to her. Some subs may not be honest when they are in pain because they think it will upset their Doms. Always let your sub know that she can be open and honest with you and to communicate with you when she is uncomfortable, in too much pain, or scared. Your sub should trust you and you should trust her, but also remember that she is human and that some humans worry greatly about upsetting or disappointing others.

Gradually introduce pain for your new sub, but if she admits that she does not like it or is uncomfortable with it, stop immediately and do something else. Some subs simply do not like pain and that is perfectly okay.

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Protecting Yourself On a Hookup

"Don't fall for a scam"

“Don’t fall for a scam” 

Once in awhile, you’re going to end up finding yourself on a hookup that actually seems a bit scary. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Saskatoon or in any other part of the world–you really aren’t going to want to end up hooking up with a woman that gives you bad vibes from the very beginning, and that’s why you always need to be able to recognize the warning signs. By being able to do that and reading getting laid website reviews in order to stay safe, you’ll really be able to protect yourself, and you’ll end up staying safer than most people on the hookups that you’re having.

Talk to Her at Length

"Keep talking to her and look for signs of a scammer"

“Keep talking to her and look for signs of a scammer” 

Before you even end up meeting up with her in person, it’s important that you actually spend a considerable amount of time talking to her online first. It doesn’t matter how many getting laid website reviews you’ve read that say the site you’re on is amazing. There will always be one bad apple in the bunch and that’s why you need to make sure you’re not meeting up with some escaped convict from Saskatoon that’s going to kill you the moment that you meet up with her.

Admittedly, we’re exaggerating. You’re rarely going to find someone like that, and most likely, you’re just going to find someone that’s a little weird that you really don’t want to end up talking with anymore. Regardless, you will be able to pick up on the fact that she’s not someone you want to talk to if you actually spend any length of time getting to know her online. By doing this, you’ll be that much better off, and you’ll really be able to relax and enjoy her company knowing that she’s fun, exciting, and actually someone that you want be with.

Fortunately, there are a lot of warning signs over the internet that you’ll be able to notice. If you’ve spent a lot of time reading getting laid website reviews, you’ll really be able to notice the signs of a scammer or the signs of an escort. This will help you avoid the worst and protect yourself right from the start, and you won’t end up meeting someone that’s just going to end up making your life a living hell. This is why it’s so important to chat ladies up at length, and really find out about them before you set that date. In order to get laid with a real woman, you should check the site comparison as well. Click here to find out more about getting laid in Canada site reviews and learn the signs to spot an escort online.

Don’t Bring Everything You Own

"She might steal your identity"

“She might steal your identity” 

There’s absolutely no reason to bring your whole wallet on a hookup. If you must, make sure that you empty it out of one card or two, and very little cash. By doing so, you’ll be that much safer if you end up pocketing your wallet and she somehow ends up taking it. You’ll also be that much safer if she ends up stealing it off of your night stand before you wake up after the sex, which trust us, is a lot more common than you’d ever thing it would be.

We’re not trying to scare you off of having affairs, but honestly, it’s up to you to be able to protect yourself. Don’t have every bit of identification that you own in your wallet. If you do that, you’re literally setting yourself up to have your identity stolen, and that’s really not going to be something that you want to deal with in the aftermath of your horrible, horrible hookup. This is why we highly recommend that you just don’t bring everything with you, and that you scale it down for the sake of keeping it all safe.

If she seems like she keeps trying to go for your wallet, or if she keeps offering to hold it for you that might be a warning sign that you need to get away. You shouldn’t let her alone with it, and you should always have it in an easily accessible spot for your own checking abilities. If you can’t easily reach it, then there’s a good chance that she can. That means that your wallet and your information as well as money isn’t as safe as you’d think it was, and that’s just going to make you nervous for the entire night if you aren’t careful.

Watch Your Drinks

"She might put something in your drink and drug you"

“She might put something in your drink and drug you” 

If you’re out drinking with your hookup, you should always just get your own drink. It isn’t just women that end up drugged and left at dates; it can happen to men, too, and that means that the women doing it are usually out to steal whatever you have on your person. While we’d like to think the best of people out there, it’s never smart to let someone you just don’t know all that well to buy you a drink and bring it to you. If they want to buy you a drink, stand there and let the bartender hand it to you. That way you know that it hasn’t been drugged.

Again, to most people, this might sound rather paranoid. We really don’t think it is when it comes to our own safety, and this is just how we’ve done things for quite some time now. It makes it that much smarter and safer, and if that means being able to keep ourselves from getting hurt or having our things stolen, then we’re going to go that extra mile and look like paranoid weirdos if we have to.

The same thing goes to anything that you just don’t feel comfortable taking. Don’t let her offer you anything that you’re not sure of the origin or what it really is. You don’t want to be poisoned by some weird lady out there, or drugged and left for dead on the side of the road after she strips you naked. Just be careful about what you eat and drink on dates in general, and you’ll honestly end up being just fine.

Don’t Bring Her Home

While this might seem like the cardinal rule of hooking up, so many men seem to ignore this. You should never bring your hookup home with you, because you really don’t want her to be that involved in your personal life on that very first hookup. Instead, get a hotel, and just stay the night with her there.

It’s always much, much safer to stay at a hotel. If you really don’t end up liking her, then you aren’t ever going to run the risk of her knowing exactly where you live. If you do bring her home, however, she has access to all of the things that you own, and that’s just not going to be the kind of situation that you want to deal with should you break it off with her and never want to see her again.

No matter what, it’s pretty easy to stay safe. You just need to be smart about it, and to be vigilant when it comes to protecting yourself. Don’t just dive into your hookups blindly because you’re desperate for sex–you really need to watch out for yourself. If you ever end up feeling uncomfortable or threatened in a situation, leave. That’s all there is to it, because you’re never obligated to be with someone that you think might be trying to take advantage of you.

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Getting from the Chatroom to the Bedroom

“Be careful with your words”

Not everything can be as simple as looking up someone on Chances are that she is going to want to have more information than just a few words sent to her the moment she registered on the site before she is willing to make a decision. If you have already done your due diligence, then you have already made sure to have a good profile picture and put together a half decent profilesection that at least seems somewhat appealing to her. Ultimately, though, we’re here for more than just the setup. Execution is everything in these scenarios. Even if your first impression was great, having a weak follow through can be what ultimately makes her choose one of the other guys vying for her attention.

Know Where to Start From

“Take a look at her profile first”

So you know that what you say is important: now what? Well, knowing where you are starting from is a good place to start. In this case, that means evaluating the situation a bit. Did you just fly in from a comparison of sex dating sites to immediately message herthe moment you had the chance? If so, was is a generic message you spammed to hundreds of women, or did you bother taking a look at her profile first. While there is certainly something to be said for the sake of the pure numbers method, chances are you will have better luck with each woman if you take a minute to skim her profile first. This, more often than not, is where you will find your starting point. You should consider this tip when indulging into UK online dating scenario. Click and find a real dating site. Take a close look at her profile.

Most people will, one way or another gives you some preference or inkling of themselves in the profile, no matter how generic it is. In fact, the shorter, more to the point, and unprepared the profile, the more you can assume she really just want a quick hook up and nothing more. Someone who bothers to be more precise is looking for something or someone in particular, however, and knowing or having some idea of who or what that is bound to get her attention more than the dozens of generic messages she is bound to get a day. As you can see, knowing where you are starting from is one of the most important parts to appealing to her in the right way. Unfortunately, there really is not quick shortcut to this sort of thing and it really is just a matter of doing your homework before hand. Another way to think of it, however, is being able to find some way of appealing to her in spite of any negatives you might otherwise have to deal with. That is why focusing on her is so often the best method to take when it comes to any form of dating, be it online or off.

Showing Your Interest Without Sounding like a Stalker

If you happen to be in a public forumwhen you first meet, say an actual chatroom and not just one that was generated so the two of you could talk through whatever website the comparison of sex dating sites sent you to, things get a little trickier. This is mainly because you need to find a way of introducing the idea without coming off as some weird, Internet stalker. Most of this usually comes down to timing and delivery. That is to say, don’t start off talking about sexor about her and don’t through the suggestion in too jarringly or she will be so thrown off she will just reject it out of hand. As we mentioned above, you really need to know where you are starting from to make sense of what to say and when to say it. When it comes to choosing a non-sexual method of engaging her, this is critical, since it entices her into speaking not just in general, but with you specifically. Try to find something she has already been talking about, or which is mentioned in any sort of available profile and ask her questions about it. The more information you coach out of her, the more positive view she will have of you.

The second thing to keep in mind is timing. You really need to get a feel for when things are going your way and knowing when it is appropriate to start flirting. Now, in most cases, women actually start the flirting and we just fail to notice. This is because we spend so much time looking for the obvious that we completely miss all of her subtler comments, asides, and allusions. Learning to pick up on the direction of the conversation will help enormously with this. Even a site like will never be able to make up for pure experience and intuition. So take our word for it, and learn that when she spends a lot of time talking more to you than to the room, and is not actually made at you, that should be the first sign that she is probably flirting with you. Try throwing out some bait of your own and see if she picks it up.

When to Ask for Her Number

Regardless of whether you found her through a comparison of sex dating sites or in an actual chatroom, asking for a girl’s number online remains something of a science. Ask too early, and she will probably write you off as over eager, desperate or just plain sleazy. Trust us when we say there are far fewer women with the inclination for sleaze than there those who turn their noses up at it. Instead, focus on things like how interested she is in you and how long you have been talking to one another. When on an online dating site, this is a much earlier time frame than a true chatroom, for example. In a lot of cases, it may even make her feel better to call you instead. Being aware of her concerns about giving her phone number out to people she doesn’t even know will go a long way to actually being able to hook up at all. The more you can show you are aware of her and willing to address her concerns, the better the option you appear to be.

Knowing When and Where to Hook Up

Finally, knowing where to go and the best times to arrange a hook up will save you a lot of headachesin the long run, and appeal to her in the meantime. This just goes back to treating her and proving that she will be taken care of more than anything else. The more you can appeal to her want to be taken care of, the more likely she is to want to be with you at all. The fact of the matter is that most men simply do not give much thought to the pleasure of the women they are with. This is especially true of online hook ups, where most of the time the woman is just hoping the guy she agreed to hook up with turns out to be the one that actually remembers she wants something out of this too. Taking care of the arrangements for meeting for a romp goes a long way towards making her think she will be taken care of in bed too.

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What Don Draper Can Teach Us About Relationships

Mad Men’s Don Draper can teach us a lot about relationships. The guy is slick. He is the ultimate gigolo, oozes self-confidence, and makes no apologies for his behavior. The result? Women flock to him. Even though most chicks pay lip service to hating men like Draper, their actions typically don’t align with their words. Time and time again, the Don Draper’s of the world get the hot women, while the “nice guys,” never get a second glance. Are you tired of acting like the guy women claim to want, only to have them overlook you? Wouldn’t you love to be unapologetic about wanting sex without a relationship? What if I told you that you can have a sex life that mimics his, no matter how much money you make or what you look like?

Socialsex Can Help

If you’ve always been envious of the Don Draper’s of the world, I’m going to clue you in on a little secret: Most of them only have one thing you don’t have. Sure, some of them might have more money or be better looking, but those guys are the exception, not the rule. That one thing you don’t have isn’t money or looks, it is know-how. But before you worry about that, you need to sign up for Socialsex. The simple act of joining this site is going to be the foundation upon which you build your new identity. You can Learn more about Socialsex here You’ll have access to thousands of beautiful women looking for no strings sex. You’ll get plenty of practice on Socialsex at honing the skills that will guarantee that you’ll be able to pick up women effortlessly in any setting. Because all of the women on Socialsex are looking for commitment-free sex, it’s the easiest place to begin.


“Be like him”

As you’re filling out your profile, ask yourself, “WWDD (What Would Draper Do)?” If you’ve watched Mad Men, you probably already know the answer. He’d present himself as confident, in control, and smooth. He’d be sharply dressed, without question. These are the things women find attractive in men, so you’ve got to act the part if you want to get laid. Make sure that your profile picture is Mad Men worthy. A great suit or even a button-down shirt with a tie is like catnip to women, so dress up a little. Then, make sure the way you describe yourself creates a persona of cool self-confidence and power. Avoid self-deprecation and making you sound desperate. Women don’t want to sleep with losers, so be the winner they’re looking for.

Next Step: Find a Fling

“Get yourself a fling”

Once you’ve created a Draper-esque profile, you’re ready to find a fling. Don’t sit back and wait for women to contact you. Go after what you want. Look through the profiles of the women in your area, and send the ones you’re attracted to an introduction email. courtesy of If you need help with what makes a good into email you can search the web. As soon as you find a fling worthy woman who writes back to you, set up a date. Meet her at a dimly lit bar with ambience and a sophisticated drink menu. Spend about half an hour flirting over drinks, and then make your move. If you find that you’re unsure how to go about this, watch back episodes of Mad Men and study Don’s every move. If you act like he acts, by the time you’ve finished your drinks, she’s going to be eager to go to bed with you. You will find a fling in no time, and once you’ve found one, it gets easier every time.

Truth and Fiction

“Stay real but take tips from his personality and how he treats women”

Some guys I’ve talked to have scoffed at the idea of imitating a fictional character in order to get laid. You know what? Those guys aren’t getting laid. Sure, Don Draper isn’t real, but his persona is. That’s why the character is so convincing. We’ve all known guys like him, and that’s what makes the show work. It’s rooted in the psychology of real players and the women who chase after them. A lot of research goes into writing a convincing character, so you should take advantage of the work that other people have done for you. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, and unless you’re lucky enough to have a best friend who has as much luck with the ladies as Don Draper, this might be your best opportunity for studying a master in action. Truth and fiction oftentimes have a lot of overlap, and this will be the case when you’re learning how to attract women. In the beginning, you’ll just be playing the part. The longer you play the part, the more it will become who you are and less of an act. Fiction will shift into reality. Watch, learn, act, become. Draper would be proud.

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5 Signs You’re Probably Heading to a Burnout

Life, itself, is already stressful. Here comes the job that you have been passionately spending your whole time with yet does not give you the benefit you deserve. Then, you start to feel more and more confused by the minute; to the point you think you’re going insane. Are you headed for a burnout? Here’s a list of how you can tell.

1. You feel overwhelmed

You think that your job did not fully meet your original expectations. You work more for much longer hours than you are actually capable of before you get too stressed out. In turn, you start to give up your usual routines and even your times of relaxation. When you start to complain, you just tend to shrug the matter off and believe it will get better. However, it just doesn’t.

2. You’re barely satisfied

You only ignore the lots of stress you feel and just keep working. Then, you start to notice that you do not feel as energetic as you were before your job. You also feel more and more confused and frustrated that you think you’re headed nowhere in your life. There is less satisfaction when you do your job, but you do it anyway thinking that you will be able to get your life back in the weekends.

Are You Headed for Burnout?

Are You Headed for Burnout?

3. You abandon the idea of rest

There’s just too much work to do,” you say, so you continue to work whilst compromising your need for adequate rest, nutrition, and relaxation. Moreover, your dissatisfaction and all your negative thoughts about your job only increase each time. You start to notice troubles in your sleeping partner and you try desperately to find all means to relax through alcohol, food, or drugs. You do this to avoid the stresses of your job. However, they just make it worse.

4. You’re unusually angry

You start feeling angry and irritated most of the times, even at the slightest reason. You feel you’re all by yourself in your frustrations, have no social support whatsoever, and just want to be left all alone. This emotional stress, in turn, makes you even more prone to illnesses and will make you even sicker physically.

5. You feel bad about yourself

You feel this incredible sense of self-failure and the lowest sense of self-worth. Your self-esteem drops to its lowest and you feel like you just don’t stand out in a crowd. You think that there is nothing special in you and that’s probably why you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t appreciate your capabilities. You feel so down in the dumps that you just want to escape from it all – if only you were not so stuck in your occupation.

I’m Not Myself Today – Feeling Bad about Feeling Bad

I’m Not Myself Today – Feeling Bad about Feeling Bad

If you’ve experienced most, if not all, of these telltale signs, don’t just wait for that burnout and do something about it! Try to live a much healthier lifestyle. Give yourself a relaxation routine and plan for a vacation that you will be looking forward to throughout the week. It’s best to prevent burnout before it hits you right between your eyes.

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5 Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

A lot of homeowners believe that increasing the value of their home always requires them to spend a fortune. This isn’t true. There are easy ways to increase your home’s value without breaking the bank. Here are 5 easy ways to increase the asking price of your property:

1. Get rid of unnecessary things

Most of us have so many things at home, which can be a real turn off to potential buyers. Spend a weekend getting rid of things that are unnecessary. Check your closets and other storage areas. Clear them out so that potential buyers will see the space your home has as well as its true potential. It also makes your home clean and open, which is exactly what buyers want.

2. Replace old hardware

Replacing old door knobs, cabinet handles and pulls, and faucets is a great way to add value to your home. Your house looks more attractive when you buy new hardware. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find affordable hardware and good discounts online. Remember to go for similar finishes on all your new hardware.

Increase Your Home’s Value & Attract More Buyers

Increase Your Home’s Value & Attract More Buyers

3. Give each room a purpose

If you have rooms that are empty, make it functional by converting it into a guest room or a study room or whatever you have in mind. Rooms that are serving double purposes should also be tackled. Make sure that your dining room looks like a dining room. It shouldn’t double as your work area. An empty room or one that’s doing double duty can confuse buyers. They’ll have a hard time imagining how they could take advantage of the space available.

4. Clean the garden

Your garden is one of the first things a potential buyer will see. Create a good first impression by cleaning it. Trim hedges pull out weeds, plant attractive beddings, and get rid of debris. It’s easy to do and can become a family affair.

5. Refresh your kitchen area

You can give your kitchen a new look by buying affordable kitchen light fixtures. It’s also a good idea to paint kitchen cabinets to make it look refreshing. There are cabinet painting kits available and you can do the work on your own. It’s an affordable way to get more money once you sell your home.



These 5 simple ways can be done over the weekend. Rather than engaging in the usual activities, tell your family that you’ll be doing something new. Despite being very simple projects, they can already increase your home’s value significantly. Also, it will be so much easier for you to find someone who will purchase your home. So if you’re planning to sell your home soon, make sure that it’s prepared for its new homeowner. Finally, make sure that you’re ready to earn big.

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The 3 Quickest Exercises to Flatten Your Stomach

We’ve all held unto our Prom dresses hoping that one day we get to wear them again. Sadly, the zipper can’t even make it halfway up our dresses now. Don’t call the seamstress just yet. Ladies – and gentlemen are no exception – better get Olivia on your iPods because it’s time to get PHYSICAL! Today, we give you the 3 fastest and most effective exercises to keep your core strong, your body toned, and turn that belly fat – flat for good.

1. Plank

The plank is a very common exercise that can be done anytime and anywhere. This exercise strengthens the core, glutes, arms, and thighs.

Position yourself for a pushup. Put your palms against the floor, just under your shoulders. Now, push off the floor resting on your palms. Hold this position for about 30 – 45 seconds. Contract your abdomen while your legs and arms extended and your head in line with your back. Once you build strength, try holding on to the position for a whole minute.

2. Bicycle Exercise

The bicycle exercise is a great exercise for strengthening your core and sculpting your obliques or your side abdominals.

Lie down facing up and place your hands beneath your head. Slowly raise your knees to your chest and raise the shoulder blades away from the floor but keeping your neck rested. Now swing to the left and move your right elbow forward so it meets your left knee while straightening the other leg. Do the same for the opposite side, bringing your left elbow forward meeting the right knee. Continue for 2 – 3 sets of 12 – 16 reps, mimicking a pedaling motion.

Making The Most Of The Bicycle Crunch

Making The Most Of The Bicycle Crunch

3. Cardio Boxing

It’s no surprise that cardiovascular exercises still remain a favorite and an effective way to burn those fats. When your heart’s pumped, the fat burning starts and the stomach is the likely spot to give visible results first.

Start with 10 left jabs, followed by 10 double left jabs, and lastly end with a backhand right job for 10 times as well. Switch to your right side when finished. Do this for 3 – 5 sets. Once you get the hang of it, try punching harder and faster this time.

Try performing these exercises with your family and friends or maybe play some music to ease up on the tension.

Of course, the burning doesn’t stop there. You can do other exercise favorites like The Boat, Lunge and Twist, and The Swaying Warrior to name a few. Also, try going on a low sodium and carbohydrate diet. This can help in maintaining weight and preventing a gain.

Cardio Boxing – For Ideal Muscle Strength

Cardio Boxing – For Ideal Muscle Strength

See how easy that was? If you exercise just right, you might even bring back your high school body.

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3 Signs That You’re in a Rebound Relationship

When you meet a man who’s so into you even if you just met him, you have a reason to think that you may be in a rebound relationship. Sometimes it’s just too good to be true. The guy might just be using you to make the ex jealous or he just wants you to help him move on with the heartbreak he just had. A lot of men can hide the truth very well. If you don’t do anything, you’ll end up hurting yourself. If you think that the guy you’re dating is just using you, make sure to protect yourself. Here are 3 signs to tell if he’s on the rebound and you are his latest victim:

1. He talks about his ex a lot

If all he does is talk about his ex, then there’s something wrong. Don’t make yourself believe that he’s just trying to share the heartbreak to you for him to feel better. If he’s not yet over with his ex, he shouldn’t be with you. If the guy keeps on comparing you to his ex, you’re definitely just a rebound. He can go to his friends and talk about girl, but you shouldn’t allow him to waste your time. It may take time before the girl will be out of the picture. You don’t have to wait for it to happen. Leave and find someone who deserves you.

2. He loves to show you off

Does he take you to parties? And does he make sure you are holding his arms when he introduces you? He may be doing this to show others that he’s over his ex and he’s not a loser. Don’t allow him to take you to every occasion just to show you off and you end up with no one to talk to. It’s pretty obvious you’re just there so he has someone to show off.

A guy that tells you “I like you” probably isn’t lying.

A guy that tells you “I like you” probably isn’t lying.

3. He keeps in saying that he likes you but can’t give a good reason why

Does your guy praise you but he can’t even give a specific reason why he likes you? You have to know why the guy likes you. If you can’t think of a time when he told you WHY he likes you, then he’s probably making you his rebound. Make sure to ask him. And when he starts talking about the ex, you have to get out right of the relationship right away.

You Date The First Guy Who Asks You Out

You Date The First Guy Who Asks You Out

It is important for every lady to know when she’s in a rebound relationship. Although there are some rebound relationships that work, it’s certainly not worth the pain. Can you imagine being with a person who is just trying to use you? That person isn’t even worthy of your love. So be smart. Love and protect yourself from rebounders. There’s someone out there who’s more deserving and will treat you right.

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iPhone Camera Vs. Digital Camera: The Top 5 Pros And Cons

Most people who are searching for the latest release of phones primarily check the camera features. Previously, people used to purchase digital cameras to ensure that they will capture clear and detailed photos. But since iPhones were introduced, some people just relied on the capabilities of this smartphone to capture quality images.

But digital camera and iPhone camera differ in terms of special features and benefits provided to the users. To identify their distinctions, here are the list of pros and cons of each item:

iPhone camera Pros

  • Has a slight upgrade to camera where it allows you to capture a good quality photos even in situations with low situations.

  • Very quick in capturing images. It works great for little kids when taking pictures.

  • It has high stitching quality while the camera app makes use of single aperture that helps a lot.

  • Viable to utilize for lower light photographs

iPhone Camera Cons

  • There is no presence of flash with a 3-5 MP camera in any of its version

  • Needs Photoshop enhancement to finish the job.

  • Most photos you capture are usually directed for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or email.

  • Does not have optical zoom

  • Low sharpness level

    The iPhone 5 was, is, and remains inevitable.

    The iPhone 5 was, is, and remains inevitable.

Digital Camera Pros

  • Right after taking the image, you will immediately see the photo displayed

  • Most digital cameras have been designed for extreme portability. Since you do not need more space for film accommodation, they tend to be lightweight and highly compact.

  • Digital cameras serve as the best way for sharing photographs with family and friends who are not staying nearby.

  • You are free to capture as many photos as you like. If you do not like the photo you took, you can simply delete it.

  • You do not have to print photos you captured from the digital camera. This works best for people who want to store old photos.

Digital Camera Cons

  • Uploading digital images may be a time-consuming and slow process when done in the internet.

  • In term of cost, it is more expensive since there are other essential accessories in order to obtain a maximum benefit.

  • It has a shorter battery life when taking photographs consistently

  • If you have small hard drive on your computer, you will get frustrated viewing photos from the digital camera.

  • It comes with many menus, settings, options and buttons, and you have to learn them carefully.

    Photography today encompasses much more than simply taking photos

    Photography today encompasses much more than simply taking photos

These are both beneficial to you, but you have to carefully decide which you prefer to use. Both of them play a vital role in making a good photo memory.

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